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28th Apr, 2012


11w 3d

So I never updated after my dating ultrasound! It went really well (other than the fact that Jeff missed it cause he couldn't find the building...) I was measuring right on and the babies heart rate was 160.

I have a feeling it'll be another girl. Heart rate is high and Chinese gender predictor says girl as well. It would be easier as we already have everything!

We have our IPS ultrasound on Thursday, I'm looking forward to the baby actually looking like a baby this time! With the first one I had to ask which side was the head haha!

I've been sick 3 times now. Food is kinda touch and go, some stuff really makes me feel yucky. Varicose veins are back in full effect. My benefits don't cover compression stockings so I had to buy them on my own :( they do make a huge difference when I wear them though.

I think that's about it for now, I'll try and remember to post after the ultrasound Thursday!

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28th Mar, 2012


6w 6d

I had my first midwife appt yesterday! It was just kind of a meet & greet & decide if I wanted to go with them (I did). They asked me for some info and we have a range of due dates. I'm still sticking with November 15th being my due date (based on my LMP and knowing when I ovulated) they're saying that it's possible my due date be as late as Nov. 26 seeing as I normally have long cycles. I explained that I ovulated early this time, so had this been a regular cycle it would've been around 28-29 days but they're sending me for a dating ultrasound anyways. That's cool with me! I go Monday. I didnt have a dating ultrasound with Layla so this'll be neat!

Other than that not too much going on. I'm tired lots (but that's kinda normal too haha!) and still have weird belly issues (especially after eating lunch). Some days I feel like crap after eating, but I havent been sick yet, nor have I been as nauseous as I remember being with Layla.

I have a definite bump though, it's kinda ridiculous! A lot of staff at work know, but I'm not telling any kids yet. I overheard 2 boys in my gr 7 class today saying 'you ask her' 'no way, I'm not asking her!' so I'm pretty sure I'm not imagining this bump. I can't even suck it in!
Nothing much else new though! Just waiting till Monday when I get to see the bean!

17th Mar, 2012


5 weeks 2 days

So I've officially weaned Layla. I always told myself that my limit was 18 months for breastfeeding... Well easier said than done haha! She really did love it. She was only getting it once a day at bedtime though, and some days when Jeff would put her to bed she'd go down without it anyways. So last week when he put her down 2 days in a row I decided I was done. The next day when I put her to bed she asked for it and I told her no, that she's a big girl now and only babies get boobie. I definitely don't want to be tandem nursing! She's asked for it a couple more times in the past week, but I've just said no and she's been ok with it (some crying, but not too bad) She has started 'nursing' her stuffed animals though, calling them babies and giving them boobie haha! After the hell we went through nursing for the first couple months I'm so glad I kept it up and that I made it to 20 months!

Nothing else has changed pregnancy wise. I've had a couple quick cravings, but they pass quickly. I have my first midwife appt March 27. I'm going with a new midwife office this time, it's closer to home (as opposed to the last one that was closer to my last job) It also means I'll be delivering at a different hospital (also much closer to home!) I was definitely nervous at the beginning switching to new midwives but then I reminded myself that I went into it the first time kinda blind and it worked out ok haha! Besides, I'd like to think of myself as pretty easy going and generally easy to get along with so I dont see any major issues. I'm not going into it with any crazy requests or anything!

The only thing that sucks though is that their latest appointments of the day are at 4pm, which means leaving work early, rushing to pick up Layla and get to the appts. It also means Jeff wont come to any appts and that Layla will be at all of them. Ah well. It's not worth Jeff taking time off work just for regular appointments anyways, I've told him I'm ok with it but that he has to come to all the ultrasounds. Then he said 'and the birth right?' funny guy.

I know people generally show sooner with #2, but I definitely notice a bump already, and it gets bigger as the day goes on. It's kinda crazy. I wonder when I'll be busting out the mat clothes? I dont even know for sure where I stored them... I hope it's in the basement bedroom closet and not under the stairs... If it's under the stairs then we've definitely piled a ton of random baby stuff on top of it. Ah well!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

10th Mar, 2012


4 weeks

I've been sick for a week & a half now. It all started a week and a half ago on Wednesday, at work I was feeling lightheaded and strange. Layla had a runny nose and been a little off that week too, I took her to the dr and he said it was just a virus and she'd get over it. That night I got worse and worse. I decided to call in sick for Thursday. Thursday they cancelled the buses and since I had taken a sick day on a 'snow day' I had to get a dr's note. I went and got it and he said I probably had the same thing and it was just a virus. Thursday night the fever started (for me), chills, body aches, super stuffy nose, just general feeling like crap. That lasted all weekend. I went back to the dr Tuesday with Layla as well cause she hadn't slept well the night before due to fever. Sure enough she now has a double ear infection. He gave me a prescription for a narcotic decongestant and I got both of our prescriptions filled and went home.

As I was reading the info from the pharmacy on my medication I noticed it said if you're in the first 2 months of pregnancy it can cause serious birth defects. We uhh had a good time Jeff's birthday weekend but I had tested Sunday at 10dpo and there was no second line. I had one more test under the bathroom sink and decided to take it before I took the meds just in case. 2 lines. OMG. Shock. Jeff called from work a couple mins later to ask how we did at the doctor and I told him how it had gone and asked him to come home right after work (sometimes he runs errands and stuff). Needless to say I didnt get to take the good drugs!

I'm around 4 weeks and believe I'm due November 15, 2012. A little sooner than we had expected #2 but not terrible timing by any means! Just gonna be tight financially for a couple of months.

I've been playing phone tag with a new midwives office. This one is closer to home. I really wanted to go back to the ones I used with Layla but it was closer to my last work and just doesnt make sense for appointments now that I dont work anywhere near there anymore. I'm sure these midwives will be awesome too!

Oh I went out and bought Layla a Big Sister shirt and had it on her when Jeff got home that night. He totally didnt notice. He even changed her bum and didnt notice. So I pointed it out to him. His first reaction was a big smile and then he said 'but I thought the test was negative?' (the one from Sunday) I said it was, but the one I had taken that day was positive! He of course said 'shouldnt the line be darker?' when I showed it to him. I explained that a line is a line. We still bought a digital one anyways. I took it Wednesday morning and sure enough, still positive!

As for how I've been feeling... I've had this cold. Tuesday/Wednesday I had no voice at all as I also had laryngitis. My stomach has been going crazy making all kinds of sounds. I've had a lot of gas and soft stools (TMI I know! Sorry!)

Here we go again!

1st Nov, 2011



I'm not pregnant. After 3 bfn's I got my period this afternoon.

It's a little sad but I definitely know it's for the best. Next year at this time I'll hopefully be pregnant and it'll be right. For now i'll just enjoy having just one baby to chase after!

26th Oct, 2011


Let's see what this week brings....

I ovulated 2 weeks early. The only birth control we were using was my charting. We had unprotected sex 2 days before I ovulated. This is not the way it's supposed to work.
My Chart

I can't even test yet which is killing me. This week has been super tiring too. At first I was terrified. I have a life plan. Having babies 2 years apart wasnt it. After a big talk/cry it out with Jeff I'm a little better with everything. We'd survive if I was pregnant. It would just mean a big financial hit.

On the upside, Jeff passed his mechanics licencing test. He got 88%. He also got a raise. A $4/hr raise. Not too shabby.

Days like today I wonder how the hell we would deal with 2 young kids. I'm at home alone with Layla right now. We all went out for dinner with a friend to celebrate Jeff getting his licence. We were at Boston Pizza and our food was JUST delivered when Layla LOST it. Full out temper tantrum. Hitting, pulling hair, screaming, throwing herself around, you name it. Ah the joys of having a red-headed child. I couldnt have everyone else listen to my kid freak while they were having their night out. I picked her up, got a box for my pizza and came home. Now I wait for Jeff to call for me to pick him up. I think restaurants are now totally done. I LIKE going out to eat! Ah well, at least this'll mean more money saving right?

Ugh. Let's just see what this week brings...

16th Nov, 2010


4 months

So Layla is somehow 4 months old already! Where has the time gone?

Her newest thing is blowing raspberries with her tongue, so she gets all sorts of little bubbles around her mouth and then they drip down and she's all drooly. Ugh! I wont mind when she stops doing it all the time!!

Layla goes for her second set of shots Thursday. I'm curious as to how long she is and how much she weighs. I have a feeling she weighs around 15lbs, but as for length I dont know. All I know is that she's long and we're probably gonna have to seriously start looking for the next size up carseat soon!

My days have been sooo full lately. Physio 3x a week, massage once a week. This week I'm down to Physio 2x a week now for the next 4 weeks. I have good days and bad days still, and I'm still definitely limited in some of the things I could do before.

We bought a new car. A 2005 Pontiac Vibe. It's blue. We got a super good deal on it too. It only had 39,000kms on it and we only paid $8900! So super awesome price. The thing is mint too, it had always been parked in an underground and never winter driven... The only downfall to it is that the woman must've driven by sound, because all 4 corners are scratched (apparently their underground parking spot is really small) Ah well, I can deal with scratches for a good price. Besides, Jeff checked it all out and they're only superficial, nothing that we have to worry about causing rust. Now we have to find some great winter tires - because of course they're not the same size as the corolla tires! We've posted the corolla winter tires on kijiji, hopefully someone will buy them so that we can buy the right sized winter tires.

With buying the Vibe our savings took a bit of a hit (we bought it cash) so we've taken the Exploder off the road for the time being to save on the insurance, gas and upkeep. Being a one-car family isnt too bad, it just means I spend a lot of time in Pickering at my parents house. The only downfall is it limits the amount of time I can see my babyville group mom friends (cause I'm not in Oshawa as much, and dont have a car when I am). BUT I have 2 co-workers who have babies 6 weeks older than Layla and I've been seeing them.

My parents have been in Florida for the past 3 weeks cleaning out my grandparents house down there. I miss them. They're supposed to be back tonight though which is good. I've been spending lots of time with my sisters since my parents have been gone. I was thinking last night about just how much I like my sisters now. My and my next closest in age sister really did NOT get along growing up. There are still things in her life that I dont really agree with, but she's a much better person now. Someone I can actually hang out and talk with. My youngest natural sister (non-foster sister) is cool too, I just wish she'd meet an awesome guy. She's 21 and has never had a serious boyfriend. She's cute, and super nice so she's totally overdue. Both my sisters have been soo good helping with Layla since the accident. They're just awesome.

20th Oct, 2010


The accident...

Layla and I had an interesting Monday morning. I dropped Jeff off at work and was on my way to my mom's house to babysit my niece. I was waiting to turn left onto the street before my parents street when all of a sudden I heard the loudest noise ever. Next thing I remember my car was headed towards a tree. I was rear ended by a full-sized work van towing a bricklaying trailer. He didnt even try to stop, never saw me. Layla was in the back seat (rear-facing obviously) and ended up with glass everywhere, in her seat, her blankets and clothes. SOMEHOW she does not have a cut on her. My drivers seat actually snapped in half. The other driver is being charged with careless driving.

Layla had her first ambulance ride. She seems ok, I was told her car seat had been VERY well installed. Me on the other hand, I'm not doing so good. My back is unbelievably sore. I started physio yesterday and will be going 3x week and 1x week for massage.

My car was written off and they sent out the cheque yesterday to replace my car seat and stroller. So far I have been VERY impressed with my insurance company. Hopefully they continue to be as great as they are now.

By far the scariest thing I've ever been through - hug your babies!

This was my car...

and my seat...

14th Oct, 2010


3 months 5 days

So it's been a month since I've updated. Time goes so fast now!

Layla laughs now! It's soo cute to make her giggle! She's still sleeping overnight which I love.

I saw a Lactation consultant yesterday and found out that her latch is still wrong. I have to wait till she opens her mouth bigger (which she doesnt always do... and then she gets frustrated that I'm not putting her on... argh) AND when she clicks she pulls her tongue back and uses her jaw, which is why it still hurts. Whatever. It goes away eventually (before her next feed on that side) so I guess I do what I can and deal with it.

Layla and I are going to a movie today with some of the lades from our baby group! Hopefully she's quiet during the movie. I'm afraid she's going to 'talk' through the whole thing! She's very vocal, always wanting to 'talk'. It's cute!

She has this musical bug that came with her Bright Starts play gym that she LOVES. When she fusses in the car I would turn on the bug and give it to her and she'd quiet right down. That bug also allowed me to have showers during the day at times (normally I shower at night after she's gone to bed) The music played for 20 mins and it was awesome. Well for Thanksgiving we went to Jeff's aunts house and his 6 year old cousin played with it the whole time we were there. Then she helped us carry it out to the car, only it didnt end up in the car... We've called a couple of times and according to Jeff's uncle it isnt there. Argh!

So I e-mailed bright starts in hopes that I could buy it or something similar, seperately. Well it's not sold seperately and it's discontinued. BOO! However they got back to me today to say they were mailing me a similar product free! Absolutely amazing customer service!

I went to the Miko/Samko toy sale yesterday. That place is AWESOME! I got Layla a bunch of books and 2 toys. It is sooo hard to find kids toys that dont require batteries. I want her to develop an imagination and not have to spend millions on batteries!

Jeff and I have made the decision to make up a budget to up our savings. We really arent putting away much right now and need to put away a whole lot more in order for us to buy a newer vehicle in the future. Not only that but I want to replace our carpets with laminate (everywhere but our bedrooms) and I want to get a new low flow toilet (though those arent expensive) I'm kinda looking forward to coming up with a budget and seeing our savings grow!

6th Sep, 2010


8 weeks!

Layla turned 8 weeks on Friday... that means only a couple more days till she's 2 months old. I seriously can't believe it's been that long but she's changed so much already.

Breastfeeding is starting to get better. She still does the stupid clicky thing that super hurts, but I dont dread feeding her anymore, so I guess that's good!

I'm still PP spotting. I dont think that's a good thing. I'm worried I have some retained placenta or something, and then I freak out thinking I'll have to get a d&c and pump and dump and go through a lot of my freezer stash.. I think I just worry too much. I'll ask the doctor when I take Layla to get her first shots next week.

Layla is still sleeping well, going down around 8-8:30pm and waking up around 4:30-5am. She eats every 2 hrs or so during the day and always eats more right before bed.

Layla will go downtown for her first time on Wednesday! Jeff has an appt at Princess Margaret. Taking the train at rush hour in the morning isnt gonna be fun, but were gonna take her down in the Beco so that it doesnt take up too much room like a stroller would.

Jeff & I also won tickets to the Leafs fans first game again! This is the 3rd year in a row we'll be going! My mom's gonna babysit. We've already left her with my mom once, we went to see a movie.

I also signed up for Babyville - it's a free mom & baby group put on by durham public health. It's right up the street from my house so hopefully I can meet some cool mom friends that live close by. It starts Friday the 17th and goes till the end of October.

We've also decided to sign up Layla for swimming lessons in January. Jeff can't wait haha! He went right through to NLS (lifeguarding certification) and I'm hoping he'll go in with her most of the time. I still dont have a pretty belly, even though I'm almost at my pre-baby weight.

I think that's everything that's going on right now!

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